Audit & Assurance

Accountability for target business outcomes require that all transactions are documented and computed as per the relevant principles. The principles that govern business transactions may include such widely accepted disciplinary standards, statutory standards or internal procedures. Any progressive organization that seeks to demonstrate integrity in its internal processes has to strive to achieve compliance along all these three benchmarks. Our audit services seek to embrace the national and international audit standards set upon effective management structures. This should be able not only to achieve compliance but also support information and work flow processes that improve profitability, productivity and resources management through continual benchmarking with standards set as well as market best practices. We also endeavor to steer our clients to acquire flexibility in the application of their processes relevant to the dynamism of the current statutory framework.

To be able to effectively deliver objective, consistent and dependable statutory and project audits, we uphold the following approaches to our services;

  • versatility and adaptability to cross disciplinary client contexts
  • conceptual, structured, innovative and result oriented processes with focused and objective targets
  • participatory and facilitative solution deliberations
  • Integrated external and internal benchmarking in the context of the specific solutions contexts.

All audits are carried out as per the firm’s Audit Procedures Manual, which is based on International Standards on Auditing. The firm develops industry specific manuals for the variety of sectors that we work with understanding their specific requirements.

The Audit function has evolved in the past few years in relation to the changes and regulations that occur in the business environment. Our audit approach focuses on the company core functions and risks based on process analysis. We look forward to serving you in the following ways:-

  • Assessing the business risks associated with major business functions
  • Plan an internal audit within the scope and frequency agreed upon
  • Review of Best practices
  • Re-evaluate specific tasks to improve efficiency and performance.

Our Audit platform covers the following major aspects.

Internal Audit

We help you identify and minimize risks by giving recommendations on how to improve your system.

External Audit

Give you the final report on the overall value of system controls

Due diligence

We help you get the full picture before you venture into buying a business.

Data Analytics

We analyze your controls in order to help you implement controls that prevents and detects fraud.

How Much Time Do You Need for an Audit?

The time needed to conduct an audit not defined because we consider audit as a continuous process. All this depends on the size of your operations, what is to be evaluated and auditing schedules.To ensure that there ar minimal interruptions in your organization we




  • Set up goals and objectives that we use to evaluate business processes.



  • Identify both qualitative and quantitative data to be used in the audit.